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Workshop on Teachers’ role in Human Resource Development was conducted on June 10, 2014 in Time Matriculation School, Melapalayam, Tirunelveli Dist.

A few feedback statements from the teachers of Time Matriculation School who participated in this workshop:

Starting from 10.15 am to 04.15 pm the sessions enhanced me in an enormous way. The importance of interesting way of teaching to the students was taught in an easy way with lots of lively, day to day life examples. I learned many new techniques of teaching. This session also helped to me to make sure about the style in which students should be taught. Group discussion session gave us way to share individual opinion and to come out with a final thesis in a short way. The resource person was really influential. – A teacher

This workshop is very useful to me. The workshop was conducted in a very friendly environment. It was very interesting and useful till the very last moment. I learnt how to handle children in the classroom environment. – A teacher

This workshop is very useful to me. I really enjoyed this workshop. I leant on how to impress the students to get their attention. I did not expect that we would get this much knowledge about human resources.

The workshop was very interesting. I learnt many new things and got new information from it. The workshop contained many useful tips which would be useful for the development of students’ knowledge. It has taught me that how to make the class more interesting and how to gain the attention of the students. I had an interesting time today. – A teacher

Greetings! First of all thanks to the management. Not for fake, but really said! One of the golden days never ever experienced in my life. I’ve attended many workshops but this is entirely different. As a fresher I have learned many things which will be very helpful in my career. – A teacher

What I learnt from this workshop are: Teacher students relationship in general in the classroom; how to create a live classroom atmosphere; teacher as a good role model; updating the knowledge continuously etc., – A teacher


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