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Selected feedback statements by XI STD students on You are a Mine! Explore Yourself! – Three Day workshop conducted on 5,8 & 9 July, 2013 in Crescent school Vandalur, Chennai – 48:

This Three Day workshop was an amazing experience of my life. This was my first workshop I had ever seen in my life. I liked the way the Facilitator explained everything. He gave us many tips how to study and how to recall what we have learnt. His points helped me in discovering myself. I am very much thankful to him.

Worth of each and every minute spent in the class.

I gained lots of knowledge regarding self discovery – the important principles to discover one’s self. This workshop encourages us to show and utilize our talents and abilities. This workshop finds more interesting to me with its logical games and questions.

I am feeling very lucky to attend the workshop because I had not heard any one’s speech like this. This workshop was very useful to me and my life.

I have attended many workshops in my places but this workshop is a unique one out of all. I have got to know many things by this workshop such as how to develop our attitude to encounter the circumstances that we face in our day to day life and the most important uniqueness of this workshop is we are able to show our opinion and we are able to discover our self.

Sir, we did not explore ourselves for a longtime until you came; now we have discovered ourselves.

This workshop influenced everyone about their talents, behavior, confidence, and introduced many tips how to be a leader and to excel in all the examination. It helped us more in improving our skills. It helped us to find a better future for all of us.

This Three Days workshop carries me into a new world of life. It shows that in which position I am standing. Excellent workshop I saw in my life.

This was my first workshop. It was wonderful. The main thing I learned from this workshop is to discover ourselves.

This workshop was really amazing. I learned a lot about myself and what should I become in the future and I have finally found my aim, so that I can proceed further to achieve my aim. This is the best workshop that I have had since 9th grade.

This Three Day workshop helped me to understand my weakness and taught us how to overcome this weakness and gain success in our future life.


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