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Introducing a One Day Workshop on Salaat......

In the Name of God! the Compassionate! the Merciful!

An innovative One Day Workshop on

Success through Salaat!

Designed and conducted by

Nidur S A Mansoor Ali

(Facilitator in HRD and Family Counsellor) 

Dear Sisters and Brothers, Assalaamu ‘alaikum!

We all know the importance of five times prayers in Islam. Numerous sayings of Prophet Muhammad SAW, emphasize this point. The salaat is the key to Heaven! The first thing that will be asked on the Day of Judgement is salaat. Salaat is one of the five pillars of Islam! All this we know! Why this much importance is given to salaat in Islam?

Salaat is a gift presented to the Prophet during mi’raaj. It is a great gift indeed! Salaat is the medium with which we ourselves connect to Allah SWT.

Come to salaat! Come to success! – these are the phrases included in the Call to Prayer! The question here is, what is the relation between salaat and success? One may wonder, indeed, that whatever ingredients necessary for success are actually linked to Salaat directly and indirectly!

Salaat is linked to cleanliness! Cleanliness brings success! Salaat is linked to specific timings! Punctuality and time management bring success to everyone! Salaat is linked to ethics and morals. Morality is very essential for success in life! Salaat is linked to patience and perseverance! Patience is very essential during emotional situations to effectively succeed in life. A lot more… a lot more… So, if we learn to consciously adopt all those success-formulae that the Salaat teaches us, definitely we will be successful in this life! And in the Hereafter too! It is sure!

We welcome you all to attend this unique workshop: Success through Salaat!

Let us discuss this issue in great detail. There will be Group Discussions, Question-Answer sessions, and Live dialogues! This workshop is innovative! Informative! Beneficial and Motivational!

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